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Which auto parts cannot be selected for maintenance

Datetime: 2022-10-13 13:57:48    View: 270
The offline parts and auxiliary factory parts cannot be selected. They are also the products with many problems and used by illegal businesses, and they are unqualified products. Before the replacement of the auxiliary factory parts, the mechanic will explain that there are many cases of using the offline parts to pretend to be the original factory parts. The offline parts are the original factory parts that fail to pass the quality inspection, and the price is 20% of the original factory parts. The offline parts are not packed, and the original parts are tightly packed with anti-counterfeiting traceability code.

A customer opened a Taitu Taoist Temple. After 100000 km, he burned a liter of engine oil every 5000 km. He went to the roadside store to replace the exhaust valve of the auxiliary factory, which doubled. After 5000 km, he burned two liters. Previously, he put a liter of small bottle of engine oil in the trunk, but now he has to put a 4-liter bottle. Later, he couldn"t stand coming to me to repair the car. He measured the negative pressure of the car with an instrument and found that it was smaller than the normal value. After going to the roadside store for maintenance, he judged that it was a problem with parts, After replacing the original parts, the engine oil will not be used.