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Where do used car parts go?

Datetime: 2019-04-11 14:05:02    View: 978

But all drivers have to deal with the garage. They have to be repaired and maintained at ordinary times. When there is an accident, they have to go to the garage to repair it. But after some car owners handed their cars over to the garage for repair, they found that their cars had become a bit out of place. On the other hand, the second-hand auto parts business in auto parts city is booming. What is the connection between these two things? Come and see the reporter"s investigation.

Located in Beijing, a large international auto parts city, which operates a wide range of auto parts. But the reporter noticed that many shops here are selling all kinds of old auto parts.

The reporter went into a business and followed the business to the second floor of the shop. The warehouse was full, and the businessmen told reporters clearly that most of the lights piled up here were old lights, all of which were pulled down.

Insiders said, "It"s a lot of other people"s waste companies, repair factories picking up the accident car, and the old pieces that crashed are pulled over and sold to you. After that, you can repair them again."

So, who will buy these old car headlights? In addition, the reporter noted that although they are old lights, there are also great differences, some of the appearance is more complete, and some of the car lights are obviously damaged. Who can such lamp businessmen sell to when they collect them?

Businessmen told reporters that these are all for insurance purposes: "You want to take insurance, you want to cheat the insurance company money, if you say you (car) use, go back polishing, hit, insurance company can not give you money, that is what it means. After the insurance, the lamp will be useless. If you make the lamp of your original car, it will not hurt at all. Is it cheap to take this lamp, but the money from the insurance is the same?

The merchant said that all the second-hand lamps bought here were garages. According to their jargon, they had insurance and loading. The lamp for insurance is badly damaged and the price is the cheapest. The lamp used for loading is relatively complete in appearance, old and old, and can also be lighted when loading. And this sounds incredible, car owner Xiaohu recently met.

Nonsense because of their own reasons, the car rubbed a bit, rubbing is the front bumper, very slightly. Xiaohu took the Buick Business Car to a repair shop to paint the scratched parts of the car"s head and body. A few days later, he went to pick up the car. Although the scratches were repaired, he found a new problem: not only the door on the right side was broken, but also the headlights on the right side were replaced with old lights.

Nonsense, the garage told him that it would not cost him any money to paint his car this time. The garage had insured him, and the insurance company would pay for it. Although Xiaohu didn"t spend money, it was hard to understand that the good end of the lamp was replaced by the old one and the door was broken. So he went to the insurance company and sent out the vehicle damage order and photos for repairing the car. Xiao Hu was shocked when he saw the photo.

According to the fixed-loss photos provided by the insurance company, Xiaohu"s Buick Business Car collided with a BMW car. The right body of the Buick car was seriously deformed, the right headlights were damaged, and the right headlights of the BMW car were also severely damaged. Xiao Hu realized that the door was not closed properly and the headlights were changed because of the accident. But how did the accident happen?

Xiaohu heard that the owner of the BMW was the owner of the repair shop.

Through the fixed-loss record of the insurance company, Xiaohu learned that his car was actually handled when it was put in the garage, which caused the accident. But what"s the advantage of doing such a thing that both losers and losers are injured?

Insider said: "This repair shop took its own BMW, took down the good parts, and the car with the old parts and mustache had a scrape, causing an accident. When fixing the loss, the insurance company will set the price according to the original BMW factory.

According to the insurance company"s fixed loss statement, the accident, including Xiaohu"s Buick car lights, doors, BMW car lights and other accessories, the insurance company has made a fixed loss according to the original price. Finally, Xiaohu"s car damaged 5851 yuan, BMW damaged 13375 yuan, two car insurance companies paid nearly 20,000 yuan in total, and Xiaohu"s insurance went.

Although the insurance company has compensated the original price, in fact, Xiaohu"s lamp has been replaced by an old one. As for the BMW car owned by the repair shop owner, Xiaohu thought that he had done it beforehand and replaced it with worn-out accessories for insurance. The repair shop will not spend much on these old accessories.

Insiders told reporters that the insurance company paid more than 19,000 yuan to the owner of BMW repair shop, and his cost of buying used parts is also more than 1,000 yuan, the combined cost of two used parts should not exceed 3,500 yuan.

Here, the price of old parts for insurance is one-tenth of that for new ones and one-third for old ones for loading cars. The difference is the profit earned by the repair shop.

In this auto parts market, the reporters see that the buyers who come to buy the old parts basically come from the repair shop. The repair shop receives the original price compensation from the insurance company, and then comes here to buy the old parts. The purpose is obvious, either to make a false accident to determine the loss, or to fill the car with sub-prime. Because of the low price, the old parts sell much better than the new ones here.